Fresh Trader

Fresh Food Trader Ltd 


Fresh Trader is the new prototype for cash and carry on the high street. It was our job to create a new brand, appropriate for this purpose.


As this was the very first time a cash and carry had been brought to the high street, it was imperative to exhibit its sense of high value, whilst maintaining a strong, clean and clear brand expression. 

Subdiv : 4
/sectors/retail-stores/borough-market-southwark/ : 2
/sectors/retail-stores/the-post-building/ : 3
/sectors/retail-stores/away-travel-covent-garden/ : 4
/sectors/retail-stores/oud-milano-oxford-street/ : 5
/projects/retail/heart-of-london/ : 6
/projects/retail/fresh-trader/ : 7
/projects/retail/adafina/ : 8
/projects/retail/gifts-of-london/ : 10
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