Surrey Mansion



To build a complete new wing to this derelict grand villa, provide a separate 2 storey home for the owners parents and completely refurbish the original house.


The prime aim was to create a new family villa out of 2 run-down flats and add a separate ‘parents’ wing’.The new 2-storey wing included a contemporary living room and terrace, a lift and everything required for long term care including the ability to link to the main house if required. The villa was completely reconfigured to provide new roof lights, stylish modern facilities, a grand hall, study, bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, lounge and a linked kitchen / living room.

Subdiv : 6
/projects/residential/fulham-pavilion/ : 2
/projects/residential/belgravia-apartment/ : 3
/projects/residential/knightsbridge-apartment/ : 4
/projects/residential/waterside-villa/ : 5
/projects/residential/surrey-mansion/ : 6
/projects/residential/mediterranean-villa/ : 8
/projects/residential/midtown-apartment-holborn/ : 9
/projects/residential/croydon-apartment-entrances-and-club-lounge/ : 10
/projects/residential/chelsea-apartments/ : 11
/projects/residential/marylebone-mansion-buildings/ : 12
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