Royale Paints, West Africa



A completely new upmarket paint for the West African market.
Our challenge was to create a brand that stood out against the multi-national strengths of Dulux and Coral. Our response, a demonstrably African personality, surrounded with colour and strong simple logo, augmented with a historic local pattern. And a clear brand purpose expressed through a tagline that made the brand personal to the target audience.
This is being successfully developed across a huge range of material from packaging, advertising and marketing material including digital campaigns. We are now working on two other exciting new projects for the same client.

Subdiv : 3
/projects/international/mediterranean-villa/ : 2
/projects/international/royale-paints-west-africa/ : 3
/projects/international/oud-milano-oxford-street/ : 4
/projects/international/away-travel-covent-garden/ : 5
/projects/international/waterside-villa/ : 6
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