Vale Real Estate


The opportunity was to create a brand that ties in with both the heritage of this successful property company, while simultaneously signifying a move into a more digitally focused future.

Our new branding has enabled Vale to firmly position themselves as an established, forward-thinking company in the property world, restating their purpose and expressing their unique expertise to their target market. 

The result has been a huge increase in brand awareness and activity across all their sectors. The logo is now being used across a wide range of marketing and presentation materials, from social media, through events, hoardings and building walkthroughs.

"You have created an insightful and inspirational rebranding, providing a real sense of purpose and energy for our property business. We are delighted with everything you have created."

Chris Willans, Managing Director
Subdiv : 8
/projects/branding/vale-real-estate/ : 2
/projects/branding/royale-paints-west-africa/ : 3
/projects/branding/consort-rise-house/ : 4
/projects/branding/birchwood-building-leatherhead/ : 5
/projects/branding/throgmorton-street-city-of-london/ : 6
/projects/branding/12th-street-milton-keynes/ : 7
/projects/branding/ink-studios-ii-hackney/ : 8
/projects/branding/wayfinding-ilford-exchange/ : 9
/projects/branding/fresh-trader/ : 10
/projects/branding/ink-studios-hackney/ : 11
/projects/branding/heart-of-london/ : 12
/projects/branding/freeplay-ilford-exchange/ : 13
/projects/branding/gifts-of-london/ : 14
/projects/branding/289-high-holborn-midtown/ : 15
/projects/branding/brewery-quarter-cardiff/ : 16
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