Ink Studios II, Hackney

Private Developer


One year earlier, Ink Studios had been redesigned, refurbished and positioned by the collective Silver & Co branding, architecture and interiors team, sucessfully securing a varied mix of tenants for the private developer client.  


The Silver & Co Branding team was asked to revisit the branding to help market the property for a second time to fill the final remaining spaces with companies that would fit in within the creative community created by the other tenants.


The branding team reviewed the original brand to devise a concept that would reflect the new life and buzz of the studios.

Alam Mohammed, Head of Branding says "We had to create a new branding that was more reflective of the community and urban atmosphere that had been created by the start-ups, SMEs and creative businesses that called Ink Studios their home. The best way to do that was through colour and imagery".


The new colourful branding used a contemporary three colour palette matched with a serif font - influenced by the colourways and typefaces popular across social media channels such as Instagram.  New photography of the existing small businesses and the people working at Ink Studios gave the marketing material a real flavour of the young and modern business community.  Full brand guidelines, templates, logos and a strapline were also created allowing the client to apply this across all collateral for years to come.


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/projects/branding/vale-real-estate/ : 2
/projects/branding/royale-paints-west-africa/ : 3
/projects/branding/consort-rise-house/ : 4
/projects/branding/birchwood-building-leatherhead/ : 5
/projects/branding/throgmorton-street-city-of-london/ : 6
/projects/branding/12th-street-milton-keynes/ : 7
/projects/branding/ink-studios-ii-hackney/ : 8
/projects/branding/wayfinding-ilford-exchange/ : 9
/projects/branding/fresh-trader/ : 10
/projects/branding/ink-studios-hackney/ : 11
/projects/branding/heart-of-london/ : 12
/projects/branding/freeplay-ilford-exchange/ : 13
/projects/branding/gifts-of-london/ : 14
/projects/branding/289-high-holborn-midtown/ : 15
/projects/branding/brewery-quarter-cardiff/ : 16
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