Why does Design Matter?

Everything in our lives is designed, from the spaces and places we live and work in down to the smallest products we use on a daily basis. Design influences our lives whether we are conscious of it or not. At Silver & Co we believe that great design can make our lives better. We bring this to life through our collective mission to have a lasting positive impact. Read on to find out how we apply this to all of our work, and watch our video to see what that means in terms of delivery and results for our clients.

A quick Q&A with Jonathan Silver, Founder and Managing Director of Silver & Co

Jonathan leads a dynamic design studio at Silver & Co that works across interior architecture, interior design, branding and graphic design.

We asked Jonathan a few questions to find out if he has wavered from what he set out to do when he founded Silver & Co in 1990, and to find out why he believes that design matters...

Q1. Tell us a little about why you founded Silver & Co.

A. I wanted to reflect my belief that a practice that consistently offered great design could work in any sector. We set out with one overarching goal and reason to exist: to make a real difference to clients with the use of inspirational design, whatever form that took. 30 years on, we have never wavered from this simple model. It is something that works perfectly across all sectors and every project. 

Q2. What has been the most enjoyable part of your role leading the practice?

A. Connecting with people. It is undeniable that we are a people business, it's all about people. Whether that is nurturing designers as they grow, enlightening and building relationships with clients, designing spaces for the people that will use them, growing our networks, working with other professionals and ultimately making a positive difference. 

Q3. In your opinion, why does design matter?

A. Design is everything, design is everywhere; anything and everything around us, bar nature, is designed by humans for humans. Design matters because it touches all of us. It has the potential to make or break lives and businesses, and create deep joy for all.

Q4. Our values are to be positive, thoughtful and expert. Which one of those do you particularly identify with?

A. Thoughtful. Everything starts with a thought; action is vital, yet no action or change can take place without thought. We live the value daily when we create solutions for challenges. It is always a team effort and I really love it when the answer comes when we are all putting in thoughful ideas, melding these, developing them, tweaking them until we create the perfect solution.


To see the solutions we have created for our clients, have a look at our work here

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