New Permitted Developments Rights 31.08.20

The government have introduced an important set of new Permitted Development Rights designed to allow greater flexibility in change of use as well as speeding-up and increasing the delivery of much needed homes across the country.

These take effect from 31st August 2020 and include:

• Amalgamation of Classes A (Food, Retail & Drink); B1 (Business) & D (Leisure) into one Superclass E which will enable much greater flexibility in changing uses to meet local market demand.
• Permitted Development to build up to two new storeys to vertically enlarge an existing house.
• Permitted Development to build up to two new storeys of flats above:
- An existing, detached purpose-built block of flats.
- A detached building in commercial or mixed-use.
- A terraced building in commercial or mixed-use.
- A terraced house.
- A detached house.
• Demolition of existing purpose-built flat-blocks and offices and their replacement with new dwellinghouses.

In many cases, these reforms remove the need for full planning permission however any such scheme must still meet stringent requirements and go through a complex Prior Approval process with the local authority.

Silver & Co are perfectly placed to advise you on the intricacies of the system and best planning strategy to follow. With over 30 years experience, we offer a one-stop, cost-effective design and planning service which can help you adapt and maximise the value of your property even in these troubled market conditions.

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